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Evening Post

Goodbye Mrs. Chips

After nearly 60 years of sterling service at Brookshields School, dinner lady extraordinaire, Mrs. Chipping, is finally hanging up her potato masher, egg mallet and gravy sieve for the last time.

She has watched generation after generation of the Brookshields boys grow up fit and healthy, dining on her traditional school fare of watery cabbage, steamed mullet and lumpy custard. To the boys, as they've gazed through her hatch, she is their surrogate mother; she will of course deny this, as she has never chained herself to anything for the right to vote! To the Headmaster, she is his inspiration, solving the problems of the school from the pages of Mrs. Beeton, Elizabeth David and Fanny Craddock. Now it is time for her to retire, to move on to the dessert course of life, or rather at her age it's more the little square chocolates you get with the bill!

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