The Very Thought of You, program cover



Beryl's of Mayfair
Performed by Kate McNab. Written by us with stories from you! All laced, as usual, with iconic songs from the era. Dramaturgy by Toby Hulse

It’s 1963 here in Weston and Beryl is worried that Mervyn’s retirement means her peaceful salon will be turned topsy-turvy by his enthusiasm to ‘help’ her. Mervyn’s going to Kidderminster. Beryl’s off for her monthly trip to the wholesaler in Exeter (or is she?) and there’s only Hattie, the overzealous new junior, to keep an eye on the salon. What could possibly go wrong?

Well… Mr. Bicknell is supposed to arrive early to repair the dry rot upstairs. He doesn’t. Susan hasn’t had her ‘hot water-tap training’ yet and now there’s a suspicious vagrant lurking in the back yard. The clients, Beryl’s ‘ladies,’ with their regular appointments are coming in any minute. Oh… and Blue Rinse Monday was such a huge success that some will have to be fitted in today, Tuesday. Well, Mervyn did offer the ‘silver’ clients the rinse at half-price. Oh no! Here comes Mrs. Bluett. She has new gossip and she’s peeking under all the dryers, looking for Mrs. Foster.

Here they come… all hands to the sinks!


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